Category: Maker Lab

Workshop: Connected Devices / IoT

Targets: Co-Ed

Duration: 6 hrs

Description: Students will participate in an Intro to Raspberry Pi Computing through hand-on instruction. Students will complete a project with Raspberry Pi, a small computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. Objects from everyday life, like thermostats, watches, toothbrushes and weather stations are now connecting to each other and people, computers and the Internet. “Things” act as agents that sense and change the world. Raspberry Pi devices are a low-cost, robust output introduction to this field of IoT (Internet of Things).

Alternate sessions will focus on other Robotics / Connected Devices vendors.

Objectives: Students will design and create a Raspberry Pi project; present their project in a final showcase and learn from local experts and special guest speakers.

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